Research & Academic

From 2010 until 2015 I am undertaking a PhD in Social Policy at the University of Edinburgh. Focusing on the development of ‘active’ welfare regimes for sick and disabled benefit claimants in the UK and Denmark, is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and is in partnership with the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions. Publishing the results of research and reflecting publicly on what you are finding is an integral part of the research process: it opens up what can often be a very insular process to outside scrutiny, scrutiny that almost always improves the research. As my research is funded by a public body, there is, I believe, a concomitant obligation to make publicly available your research findings, and to do so not just to other academics but to policymakers, practitioners, service users and their advocates or indeed anyone who is interested. As such, I make an effort to present my research to various non-academic interested parties and to write about my research and issues relating to disability and employment more generally in the media, both social and traditional, and these articles are included along with journal papers and conference presentations in the list below.

As some of these papers are still in the draft stage, I would appreciate it if you could ask before citing (contact details on the ‘About’ page).


Heap, D. 2015 [forthcoming]. Disabled people, welfare reform and the balance of rights and responsibilities. In Piggott, L & Grover, D [eds]. Work, welfare and disabled people: UK and international perspectives. Bristol: Policy Press

Heap, D. 2014. The rights and responsibilities of sick and disabled benefit claimants in austerity Europe. Journal of Contemporary European Studies 22:2: Social welfare and the ethics of austerity in Europe: justice, ideology and equalit14782804%2E2014%2E907133

Heap, D. 2014. Book review: Poverty and insecurity: Life in low-pay, no-pay Britain, by Tracy Shildrick, Robert MacDonald, Colin Webster and. Kayleigh Garthwaite. Disability and Society 29:4

Heap, D. 2014 [forthcoming] Book Review Essay: Changing Social Equality, Jon Kvist et al. and Nordic Capitalisms and Globalization, Per Hull Kristensen and Kara Lilja. Work, Employment and Society, 28:1

Heap, D. 2014. Book Review: Personalising Public Services, Catherine Needham. Political Studies Review, 12:1

Heap, D. 2013. Sick and disabled benefit claimants, the institutionalisation of activation regimes, and economic downturns in the United Kingdom and Denmark. Scandinavica 2013:1 [Published abstract]

Conference papers

Heap, D. 2013. Reforming welfare for sick and disabled people in the UK and Denmark. Panel on Shame, Stigma and Austerity, (with Dr Ben Baumberg and Prof Robert Walker). United Kingdom Social Policy Association (SPA) Annual Conference 2013; Social Policy in Changing Times, University of Sheffield, UK, July 8th – 10th

Heap, D. 2013. ‘Activating’ disabled people in the UK: Who, when and how – and how much? Paper presented at Le handicap entre trajectoires individuelles et logiques institutionnelles: emploi, travail, politiques sociales [Disability, between individual trajectories and institutional rationale: employment, work and social policy], University of Lille, April 22nd

Heap, D. 2012. Mainstreaming disability benefit claimants into the ‘active’ UK and Danish welfare states. Paper presented to 2012 Disability Studies Conference; Poverty, Disability and Neo- Liberalism. Lancaster University, September 8th -11th

Heap, D. 2012. Mainstreaming and specialisation: tensions at the heart of the new welfare-to-work settlement for sick and disabled benefit claimants. Paper presented to panel on The unequal outcomes of the Freud Report in action (with Hayley Bennett and Daniel Edminson). Joint East Asian Social Policy Research Network (EASP) and United Kingdom Social Policy Association (SPA) Annual Conference 2012, Social Policy in an Unequal World, University of York, UK, 16th-18th July

Heap, D. 2012. The institutionalisation of welfare-to-work regimes for sick and disabled claimants and the 2008 economic downturn: Interdisciplinary and policy relevance. Making Connections Conference, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh


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