Much of my spare time over the past few years has been spent in journalism, some of it in student media and some of it in professional media, most notably for Fest, the Edinburgh festivals’  biggest publication. Most of my recent professional writing is here, anything older and from my student journalism days has been archived, but can probably still be found on the the TCS and The Student websites.

I’m now concentrating on my PhD and academic writing, so my journalistic career is on hold until I finish, though I do occasionally get bits of work sent my way, which will go up here as and when.

Class warrior
Fest, 19 August 2011
I talked to the rising star of the commentariat Owen Jones about his first book, a look at the demonisation of the working classes.

Sniping from the foothills
Fest, 19 August 2011
This year’s EIBF was packed with politicians past and present hawking their biographies. I talked to former Sunderland MP Chris Mullin – now enjoying a second career as a much-loved diarist – and the editor of Alan Clarke’s diaries, Ion Trewin.

Sin Cities
Fest, 12 August 2011
Why have Glasgow and Edinburgh become such centres for crime fiction? I talked to writers Caro Ramsay, Tony Black and Lin Anderson to find out.

Scotland’s Imagineer
Fest, 24 July 2011
I talk to all-round legend Alasdair Gray about a long life and promising future in art, literature and politics.

Fest Reviews 2011 (Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)
Fest, August 2011
Reviews of shows (mainly comedy) at the 2011 Edinburgh Festival.

Fest Reviews 2010
Fest, August 2010
Reviews of Tim Clare, Andrew Bird, Julien Cottereau, Craig Hill, Hardeep Singh Kohli, You’re Not Like Other Girls Chrissy, La Llorona Llora and Charity Shop Cabaret at the 2010 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  All also at Fest website.



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