Why I’m standing for the City Council

I’ll be blogging here over the course of this month about why I am asking for members’ support to stand for the Greens in next year’s Local Authority elections. 

As a start, my candidate statement is below:

In the half decade I have stayed in Edinburgh, I have been saddened and frustrated to see our city become a less liveable place, year on year. Our roads are increasingly congested, polluted and hostile to people travelling by bike or on foot; developers given free rein by a Council fixated on economic growth at any cost; and a housing market that excludes more and more people.dan


With Edinburgh run by a Labour-SNP administration, Greens are in a strong position as the only credible left opposition. I am asking for your support because I want to be part of the Green team that helps people in fuel poverty lower their energy bills through a Council-owned green energy company; that creates greener, cleaner spaces for people by pedestrianising some of our major streets; and that puts power in citizens’ hands through participatory budgeting

3478041368_1e023e9dbb_o (1)

Traffic on West Port: We need to look at significant pedestrianisation of some of our major streets (Credit: Christof, Flickr)

As a Gorgie resident I am primarily seeking nomination for Sighthill-Gorgie. I know the challenges the ward faces, with relative prosperity in its eastern end but also problems of traffic congestion and aggressive development, and several parts of the west of the ward being amongst the 10% most deprived areas of Scotland. As a social policy lecturer, I have some experience in formulating and promoting policy solutions, and I would relish the opportunity to apply these skills to delivering the radical green vision of social and environmental justice that Edinburgh desperately needs.



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