Why I’m standing

I’m in the running to be selected as one of the Scottish Green party’s regional list candidates in next year’s Holyrood election. This is my short statement curently being sent out to members. I’ll be expanding on these points on my site here, on Twitter and in hustings in the coming weeks.


With new devolved powers on their way to the Scottish Parliament, its next term will be the most important term since the first. As a researcher and lecturer in social policy (with a specialism in benefits and employment policy, some powers over which will be devolved), I have some insight into the perils and opportunities of the policy process, and so could help build the Green case in Parliament for substantive powers – not just the transfer of administrative responsibility for failing Westminster policies – that would allow us to build a distinctive Scottish model of a sustainable economy and just society.

One of the principal reasons I joined the party was its stance on the need for a radical Scottish democracy. The extremely high turnout in the referendum shows that when the public are meaningfully consulted, they will respond positively and enthusiastically. If elected, I would push for greater citizen involvement in all aspects of our public life: a crowd-sourced written constitution for Scotland, more opportunities for citizens to interact with their Parliament and representatives, and more obligations for local authorities to consult communities on planning and spending decisions. Such participation is the foundation for true social and environmental justice.

Within the party, I have helped establish the new Rainbow Greens group and as an MSP would continue to press for progress on achieving equality for the LGBTI+ community.

For these reasons, I’m asking for your support in the forthcoming selection.


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