Research update: February-April 2012

Setting up interviews with relevant policy people has been more difficult than I expected, but nonetheless the first third have been completed and are now being put through the inevitable process of NVivo analysis.

Findings still very much preliminary for the time being, but it seems that ‘Mainstreaming’ is definitely a useful way of understanding the policy changes I’m looking at.  Interviewees seemed to latch onto the concept much better than previous ones and agree that the boundaries between claimant groups are being removed, not only in formal, institutional sense as the Work Programme is doing, but also in terms of what claimants are expected to do.  The big question, of course, is what impact this has on what kinds of services sick and disabled claimants get access to and thus how they become defined as a social policy issue, and this will be the focus of the second round of interviews. 

Danish interviews have been more difficult to set up, but things over there seem to be creaking into life now that I have been able to enlist the support of the lovely Dorte Caswell of Aalborg University and Mikkel Mailand of Copenhgaen University, both of whom share my research interests. 

Very pleased to have been accepted to present my research findings at the Social Policy Assocation’s annual conference, this year in association with the East Asian Social Policy Association. I’ll be presenting alongside Hayley Bennett and Daniel Edmiston as part of a panel of the unequal impact of the Freud Report reforms.

Also great to hear that my first journal appearance will be in January, in Scandinavica


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